Pro-Am Final

  • THW legalise dueling
  • Bronze Final

  • This house would (immediately) surrender to the French.
  • Silver Final

  • THBT the first fairy should instead give the princess the gift of introspection and the ability to question the social norms and power structures under which she lives.
  • Gold Final

  • THW implement the 'Blue Shell Award'.
  • Round 4

  • TH, as western countries, would prioritise competing with China's vaccine distribution efforts in lesser developed countries, over distribution to younger generations.
  • Round 3

  • THW allow individuals to choose to undergo Terrigenesis
  • Round 2

  • THBT the feminist movement should focus significant time, platform, and resources towards combatting benevolent sexism
  • Round 1

  • THW prohibit newspapers from running opinion columns